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OhMyC - Ultra Silent Clitoral Massager

OhMyC - Ultra Silent Clitoral Massager

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The OhMyC is an ultra-silent clitoral massager sex toy for vulva owners. This external sex toy fits in the palm of your hand and features a rotating pearl that precisely and directly massages your clitoris. Featuring three intensity levels, the massaging pearl mimics even the best circular tongue or finger motion. 

If you want even more, try pairing the OhMyC with the OhMyG for both external and internal stimulation 😝

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Customer Reviews

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Indy H.
Slow burn

Took me a couple tries to get the hang of this toy, but once I did it was really great! It’s helping me learn my body and not rush the process. Very relaxing!

100% worth the money

Given the amount of positive reviews this baby already had, I didn't really have any doubts about its quality, but holy shit. It really makes you take your time and appreciate the build-up, and the end result is so so so much better than if I rushed it. Soft and gentle? Yes. Relaxing? Yes. Edging? Yes. Longer, more drawn out orgasms? Yes yes YES. Although if you're someone that does need more stimulation to get off, its probably not for you, but for everyone else I highly recommend it because its an *entirely* different feeling from other common toys.

Hidden bonus: it doesn't have that gross, plastic-y smell that a lot of lower quality toys have. This thing is expensive for a reason: it's worth it.

Lace P.
ROCKED my world!

My partner and I have been together almost 4 years, this toy brought lots of excitement to the bedroom and our intimacy. My partner has not ever said they “feel like their world has been rocked” I’m very happy and satisfied 😉

Will be purchasing another one.

Kira Sloop

OhMyC - Quietest Clitoral Massager

Worth it

I knew I'd love it and it did no disappoint!

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